Question by  Suz (20)

What is the correct form of addressing resumes?

I need my resume to follow professional addressing conventions.


Answer by  sonaliraghunathan85 (154)

You need to have personal details like your name, address. You need to include your educational qualifications, areas of specialisation and areas of interest and maybe hobbies as well.


Answer by  ayannasr (71)

Your return address should occupy the upper left hand corner. In the center of the envelope write the business name followed by the name of a specific person or division. Suite numbers go on the line before the street address. This is followed by the city, state and zip code.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Call ahead and get the name of the individual to whom the resume should be directed. Note the person's correctly spelled name and title.


Answer by  Math68 (308)

Resumes vary greatly from one person to another, and one profession to another. So long as you make sure that your address is near the top of the page, clear, and easy to understand, you should be mostly ok.


Answer by  helol25 (680)

Well the correct form of making a resume is to include a highlight of qualifications followed by the education and then also you just want to state that they should look at your resume.


Answer by  jah (9)

The correct form for addressing resumes is to write specifically to the person who will be reading your resume. If you don't know, then address it to the hiring manager.


Answer by  mpelle (343)

List your credentials and where you went to school, classes take, and jobs performed, special skills and interests. Make it look professional.

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