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Question by  diane (117)

What is the best way to seal ceramic tile and grout floors?


Answer by  rafes (27)

It should prepare a mixture with white cement and that it is sufficiently well watered to penetrate and seal joints or tiles. The grout should be applied with a sponge pre-moistened. Then apply the mixture spread the grout over the surface with a special focus on the boards as if it were to apply to a car polishing


Answer by  Deem (199)

The best way to seal ceramic tile grout is to apply a high quality commercially available silicone sealant with an appropriately sized paint brush and to carefully follow the instructions on the sealant container. After you have applied the sealer, make sure you wipe off the excess before it dries.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Usually a polymer-sealant like polyurethane-liquid or spray is used to seal such surfaces like ceramic-tile and grout flooring. The best-way though is usually to add such sealant to the grout-mixture.


Answer by  marygold (109)

You should use a membrane forming sealer on unglazed tile and a penetrating sealer on any other tile floors. This will keep mildew, mold and grime out of your floors.


Answer by  ruff (34)

there is a sealer that you buy and it look like water you pour it in a bottle with a roller on top and you go over the whole floor grit the will seal it you just have to let is dry and you should be good to go all seal

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