Question by  Scott11 (16)

How do you remove odors from clothing?

I recently purchased an adorable outfit for my child but it has a very strong odor.


Answer by  basil (311)

Wash the outfit according to the manufacturer instructions and add a pleasantly scented fabric softener to the wash load. When storing the outfit, you could add a pleasantly scented sachet that is tied to the hanger the outfit is stored on, or inside the dresser drawer that the outfit is stored in.


Answer by  tjh1234 (362)

Wash the clothes in your washing machine. If you have tried this, clean your machine by running it at a high temperature with a detergent, but with no clothes in. Then repeat the wash with the problematic articles. Alternatively, take the clothes to a launderette and have them professionally cleaned.


Answer by  summitz06 (110)

Wash it in warm or hot water with fabric softener or detergent with febreeze in it. If the odour is cat urine, you will not be able to remove the smell.


Answer by  noodles101 (238)

Well if simple washing can't remove the odor, try febreezing the outfit. If that also doesn't work you will have to take the outfit to a dry cleaner. But I feel Febreeze will do the trick.

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