Question by  madrejesica (28)

What is the best way to kill flies?


Answer by  EddyNfld (147)

Depending on where they are located. If Indoors a fly swatter will probably work best. You can buy a cheap electric swatter that will fry the fly on contact. If they are out doors then maybe a bug zapper, anti fly/mosquito candle, or a friendly group of spiders.


Answer by  mano (76)

Take a jar,add an inch of water and a quarter cup of sugar. Set a funnel on the top. The sugar water attracts flies,and once they get into the water,they can't get back out through the funnel's opening. Just spray them with a mixture of water and dishsoap,which makes them unable to fly.


Answer by  Bugmann (130)

Put a piece of fruit or some soda in a jar with a paper cone leading into it on your counter. The flies will be able to enter through the cone, but because of their flight pattern, will be trapped in the jar and unable to fly out. When the jar is filled with flies, throw it away.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

The most effective way to kill flies is to get fly paper, which is purchasable at all hardware stores and most discount stores. You can also purchase a bug zapping light from most hardware stores that attracts most bugs to it and then electricutes them when they get close to the beam.

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