Question by  Goutham (27)

What is the best way to go about testing a kohler ignition coil?


Answer by  Olddad (94)

Remove spark plugs, wrap wire around the threads of plug and attach other end to the engine block. Remove blower housing, unplug wire that connects coil to shut off switch, check for spark on plug, if it sparks your wire or switch is bad. If no spark coil/ign is bad.


Answer by  Divalicious (99)

I see someone kinda gave most of the instructions but on my Koehler I learned when I tested the ignition coil that there are some safety switches and that is what had gone bad. Consult your manual or call the Koehler's to see if your model has safety switches.


Answer by  AlaskanBeauty (76)

Take it to your mechanic and let them do it if you can't find anything in the manual that will help you test and troubleshoot the part. Seems to me that this would be the best and safest way to deal with the problem if you want it resolved fast.

Reply by VintageGlory (93):
You must mean take it to a small engine mechanic :-)  add a comment
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