Question by  Kelcie (28)

What can I do about a bad ignition coil on a Harley Sportster?


Answer by  jon40 (440)

You will have to replace your bad ignition coil on your sportster. They are not servicable. Once they are bad they are bad. Make sure you check your entire ignition system before you go and replace it. I believe there is a pickup to tell it when to spark. And your ecm/cdi box


Answer by  awolf1010 (21)

replace it!!! generally around a 100 bucks. before starting,remove your battery this will eliminate possible arc flash. tag your wires as you remove them so you know where they go. remove the bolts from the mounts and the coil is now free. replace with a new coil and reattach wires


Answer by  dancprncss6 (59)

These are generally found on the outside and are connected with a bolt or bolts, if it is bad purchase a new one and replace it by removing the bolts and putting the new one on.


Answer by  Birder80 (181)

Your best bet is simple to buy a new ignition coil and replace the old one you have. It is always best to buy the best quality coil you can, with a warranty of some kind on it if possible.


Answer by  f66 (40)

Pretty much you will have to take the part number off the coil and go to the Harley store OR ORDER ONLINE.


Answer by  hurricore (66)

There is little that you can do but replace it. It is relatively easy to do, that is if you are sure that is the problem

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