Question by  sena (11)

What does the ignition coil on car do?

All I know is it has to do with starting.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The ignition coil acts as a capacitor for the ignition system. It is what takes a 12volt charge and turns it into a big spark at the plug. The distributor is used to direct this spark to each individual cylinder as the engine turns. This spark is what cause the fuel to ignite in the cylinder.


Answer by  MechMan3 (885)

The coil builds energy inside and it is released when the rotor and terminal line up inside the distributor cap allowing the energy to travel down a spark plug wire to the spark plug. Igniting the fuel air mixture to make combustion occur inside the combustion chamber. The time between each terminal is for the coil to regenerate.


Answer by  rano123 (109)

the ingition coil is the part that creates the high voltage for the "spark". There are several components necessary for an engine to run. Fuel and spark are 2 of the main requirements. This would equate to a house without electricity.. nothing will work. Same with cars. If the coild isnt producing high current, the vehicle will not start.


Answer by  dcameron1021 (104)

The ignition coil amplifies battery voltage. The ignition coils purpose is to provide an electrical current whose voltage is enough to travel through the ignition wires and arc across the spark plug gap.


Answer by  Elango (41)

We need it for starting a car or another machines. We have to maintain it otherwise it will gives you a headache. Whenever we go for a long trip we have to check it.

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