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Question by  Vina98124 (69)

Is the ignition coil the same as the spark plug coil?

I'm trying to look stuff up to troubleshoot a problem with my car.


Answer by  foxstang (133)

Yes. Some vehicles use a single coil and a distributor to supply voltage to the spark plugs. Most new vehicles have a separate coil for each spark plug.


Answer by  Steve10 (9)

It is similar. The ignition coil relays electricity to your spark plugs, but do not actually contain the spark plugs themselves.


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

yes the coil is better known as igition coil. on some cars there can be one per spark plug. this makes the vehicle problems a little harder to diaganose but alows the vehicle to better produce spark and therefor be more fuel efficient. also creates more powwer and better emmisions to meet standards .


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

On a newer car with the single coil per plug setup they could be the same thing. The more technical term is an ignition coil. On an older car there was only a single ignition coil. However that one is not commonly called a spark plug coil.

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