Question by  petlover (11)

What is the best way to get rid of fruit flies?

I have tried everything I can think of and yet I still have all these flies around my house.


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

They must have some type of food supply you haven't been able to locate. If you can find the food, then the bugs should follow.


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

Get rid of all of your fruit you have sitting outside of your refrigerator. Put the new fruit you purchase into your refrigerator. Pour bleach down all of your drains and let it sit awhile before using the drain. Purchase fruit fly traps. They are sticky paper on a pop-sicle stick that you place in all of your houseplants.


Answer by  GanaElee (90)

I keep fruit in the fridge, no dishes in the sink. I also spray clorox in drains after use and keep toilet lids down. It seems they seek water sources.

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