Question by  Tracy94 (18)

What is a great remedy to get rid of fruit flies?


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Remove or destroy sources, such as fruits and vegetables. Keep garbage areas clean and bag all garbage. There are fruit fly traps and insecticides that will eliminate them.


Answer by  jammyt (14)

A great remedy to get rid of fruit flies would be to sprinkle diluted lemongrass oil, obtained by mixing 10 drops of oil with 2 ounces of boiled water, around the home.


Answer by  bandi (39)

The best possible remedy to get rid of fruit flies is to use fruit covers. The other most important thing is to keep the surroundings clean and tidy. Use of anti flies sprays is not recommended.


Answer by  danton (6)

Firstly I clean my fruit basket every 4-5 days, than I use a spray that is made of 100 % natural and organic ingredients. At this time I spray all around the kitchen and over my fruit basket. This allows my kids to see and actually eat the fruit!

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