Question by  apple (447)

what is the best way to clean wax from metal?

i burned some candles in some candle holders and now there is left over wax sitting in the bottom of the holder. how can i remove it?


Answer by  kmac (235)

Start off by trying to chip out as much of the candle wax as you are able to using something that is unlikely to scratch the metal, such as a popsical stick. To remove the remaining wax, apply a liberal amount of Goo Gone and let it sit for several minutes and then wipe out the rest of the wax.

Reply by apple (447):
Brilliant idea with the Goo Gone. I have some, but didn't think to use it for candle wax -- only adhesive gunk left behind when I pulled off stickers. The Goo Gone worked great for caked on small amounts. The freezer trick someone else mentioned worked great for larger chunks.  add a comment

Answer by  kperegrine (102)

If you cannot scrape the wax off, try placing the candle holders in the freezer for several hours. Upon removal of the freezer, the wax should be hard enough to just pop right out of the holder. If this doesn't work, try heating the holder with a hair dryer to loosen the wax and remove it that way.


Answer by  esthersarahthomas (54)

you can use a vegetable peeler to dig out the large lumps of wax,then you can hold the mouth of the holder ,using tongs,upside-down over a flame.The holder should be held like this for five minutes and should be placed on a scratch surface and its mouth must be cleaned immediately with a rough ,dry cloth.


Answer by  lcapurro812 (237)

One good technique for this is to place the candleholder (the material it is made of doesn't really matter) in the freezer and leave it over night. Once the wax has frozen you should be able to dump the left over wax right out. You may need to use a sharp instrument to lever it out initially.

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