Question by  XjoshhyX (132)

What is the best way to cook teriyaki chicken kabobs?


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Marinate the chicken kabobs for at least 4 hours before cooking. Then cook them over a slow grill (either charcoal or gas) for about 30 minutes, checking often for doneness. You can continue to baste them with additional new teriyaki sauce as they are cooking. Do not reuse the marinate. Turn about every 10 minutes.


Answer by  Rolf (100)

Cut chicken into one inch cubes. Marinate the chicken cubes in teriyaki sauce mixed with three tablespoons vegetable oil for half and hour. Soak several wooden skewers in water while the chicken marinates. Skewer the marinated chicken cubes. Place the skewers on a medium hot grill. Turn the skewers occasionally, until the chicken is cooked through.


Answer by  ask123048 (128)

Marinate the chicken overnight to get the flavors of the teriyaki throughout, not just on the outside. Put the kabobs on a grill. The best type of grill is a charcoal one as it has real flames and will give the kabobs a slightly smoked flavor, adding to the whole experience.


Answer by  ccorp (260)

The best way to cook teriyaki chicken kabobs is to take raw chicken breats chunks, red, green and yellow peppers and big chunks of sweet onions, and place them on skewers in the order of chicken, red peper, green pepper, yellow pepper, onion, and repeat..Grill them and approximately 10 minutes into grilling, glaze them with teriyaki sauce. Delicious!


Answer by  Caryn85 (418)

If you have a grill I suggest marinating the kabobs and then placing them on a grill. You have to use metal sticks to keep them together and you also have to marinate them during the cooking to keep them moist. Also a George Forman grill in great for inside use.

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