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Question by  Vignesh (24)

What is the best way to compose a letter to a judge asking him to set aside a default?

I want to sound proper and needy at the same time.


Answer by  jordanhammer (65)

You don't compose a letter, you file a Motion to Waive Default. And if you don't know the proper format of a motion, ask a lawyer.


Answer by  janedoe (701)

The most important thing is NOT to try and sound like you're using the write legal language. The judge also does NOT want to hear a story to make him feel sorry for you. Just clearly state the facts as to why the default should not have been granted.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

It needs to be a hardship letter. Write how much you realize the impact of your inability to pay the debt but cannot due to your inability to pay.

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