Question by  Lifeinsteps (17)

How do I get word to not be defaulted to uppercase letters?

Word is defaulted to uppercase letters.


Answer by  killahtomato (60)

a quick way to do so would be to highlight the text you would like to change. Then press the Shift + F3 shortcut key. It will change between sentence case, all caps, and all lowercase letters. Keep pressing the shortcut key until the font is in the desired case.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

This problem may be due to the accidental selection of the option "change case" to "upper case". It can be restored to the default option by choosing the "normal case" in the option "change case". Then you are done, You can start typing with the normal case. If the problem persists, reinstall Microsoft word.


Answer by  martin67 (114)

the default uppercase letters can be changed by clicking tools option. in that tools option there will be a auto correct option click it and you will get a window in that disable capitalize first letter of the sentences in the option then it will be changed to normal mode... thank you...


Answer by  GAUTHAM (29)

In xcode editor, i want to change a piece of code to upper case, how can i do it quickly? such as change " my_tunner_charge" to "MY_TUNNER_CHARGE"


Answer by  turkey98 (232)

Press Ctrl+D or click the small arrow next to font in Word 2007. This will open the font controls. Make sure that All Caps is unchecked under effects. You should also make sure caps-lock is turned off. Also, try changing to a different font, your font may uppercase letters only.

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