Question by  renast (34)

What is the best way to ace a job interview?

I have a second interview for a job I really want.


Answer by  pagan23 (1342)

Make sure that you dress nicely and bring your best face forward. If you are a woman make sure you wear makeup and if you are a man wear a tie. Answer each question with confidence and grace. Don't hesitate or create awkward silences. You want to prove to the interviewer that you deserve the job.


Answer by  kerid518 (18)

Dress professionally and groom yourself, be on time, a nice firm handshake maintaining eye contact, inquire about your duties as an employee, pay attention, and ask questions about future opportunities are the primary ways. Please avoid mumbling, fidgeting, lying, and do not bring up salary or benefits first.


Answer by  cmaopep (239)

Make sure you have a polished, professional appearance, have done research on the job you're applying for and plan on how to answer potential questions while having questions for them.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

Answer all the questions wit poise. You are selling yourself and the reason why you would be best a a job. You probably shouldn't have too many likes or umms in your answers. Try not to shake or let any obnoxious habits show though. Maybe you can even have someone give you a practice interview.

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