Question by  bean11 (2803)

What is the best treatment for vaginal irritation?


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

A gentle douche should help. You can buy what you need at a local pharmacy. If it doesn't improve, see your gynecologist.


Answer by  jupiterfox (328)

Some steps to take to treat vaginal irritation are keeping yuor genital area clean and dry,wearing cotten panties,and avoiding perfumed toilet tissue.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

You can get a testing kit at the pharmacy that will determine if it is caused by something serious. If not you can buy Vagisil to ease the irritation.


Answer by  mechanicalturk1001 (40)

The first step is to determine the cause. Many women cause their own problems with douches, perfumes, and other "feminine" products. Simply discontinuing those products can often resolve the issue without any further treatment.


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

Try wearing cotton panties. They allow much more room for that area to breathe. Another good solution is oatmeal soap or goat's soap. You can find these soaps at a health food store.


Answer by  leah84 (1043)

The best treatment is to go to the doctor and get prescription medication. If you don't want to do that, you could try over the counter medicine and eating yogurt.


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

well, it really depends on what type of irritation it is, but I have had lots of luck using aloe gel to relieve itching and discomfort.

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