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Question by  kbclassi (20)

What should I do about bone protruding from my gums?


Answer by  Andrea (39)

Bone protruding from your gums is a problem best brought to a dentist. This kind of ailment needs professional help from a person with the right equipment.


Answer by  Bpg (84)

Think hard. Did you have anything with bones for lunch? If so, you may wish to reach into your mouth and give the bone a little wiggle to try to dislodge it from your gums. Does the bone resemble an actual tooth? If so, then brush and floss your "bone" regularly and see a dentist twice a year.


Answer by  Manda (1103)

If there is bone protruding from your gums, I would suggest you see an orthodontist immediately. That could be something very serious and needs to be looked at right away.

posted by Anonymous
i had all my front teeth extracted ...i had an xray ..and the dentist said the other dentist who did my teeth fractured the top of my there bones protuding all along my gums where i had my teeth extracted..i don't know what to do...i feel helpless..  add a comment

Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

This could be a sign of receding gums or other dental problems. The roots of teeth and the bone itself are only visible if the problem is very advanced. You need to see a dentist ASAP.


Answer by  Anonymous

Recently I had my teethe cleaned. 2 weeks later developed spurs on inside lower gum. A week later on the other side. Painful. Went to dentist and he missed em and treated me for gingervitus.First one disappeared second one tore out by brushing, instant relief.

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