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Question by  smokeydabear (47)

What could cause pain in the outer side of my foot?

For the last several days I have had extensive pain in the outer side of my foot.


Answer by  Blip (313)

A recent trauma to that particular area of the foot could be causing pain. Pinched nerve endings may also be present, causing the foot to be extremely tender to touch and movement. Without definitive symptoms, consulting a doctor would be the best answer to your question.


Answer by  lnsb (43)

You could be rolling on the outer part of your foot as you walk or you could have a stress fracture in your foot or toe. Stress fractures can happen without you even realizing it.


Answer by  grandmasim (10)

Gout is a condition affecting the joints, most commonly found in the big toe. There is a joint around there, but the other main option is it could be a tendon problem as you have tendons running from the muscles above the ankle to the the toe. This could be causing pain on the outer foot.


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

Pain on the outer side of the foot could be caused by a pair of ill fitting walking shoes. Another cause of this pain could also be a change in the way that you walk with the foot being turned slightly when placed on the ground. A third cause could be a weight gain.


Answer by  IowaGalCR (31)

The foot has many bones and without impact you can fracture one and should seek medical help. Many people still walk on broken bones in their feet.


Answer by  brandi91 (54)

Is it possible you may have bumped into something? Some other possibilities are walking on the side of your foot, you may need a new pair of supportive shoes.


Answer by  Mallika (449)

The pains in the outer side of your foot may be due to several reasons. It may be due to climate changes. Otherwise your foot may be hurted with any tools or thorns. You apply some ointments and rub it. Repeat it at intervals. See if any hurts are there, if so take tetanus injections.

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