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Question by  michelle99 (73)

What is the best spacing for cedar decking?

I'm just not sure if there is a standard when using cedar, or if it doesn't matter how far apart the boards are.


Answer by  liam (21)

A centimenter is good if you would like give the wood time to settle. Use a shim when laying down the boards to achieve uniformity.


Answer by  Mollichella (445)

The recommended spacing for a cedar deck is anywhere from one eighth to one fourth of an inch. It is very important because cedar is so absorbant it has a tendency to expand when moisture gets on it. This makes the gap between the boards extremely important so it doesn't break.


Answer by  sorrowsmiles (28)

Typically you would place the boards flush with one another, unless you're referring to the support beams, in which case it depends on how high off the ground it is.

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flushed? so what will happen when it get rained on in the next 2 days after you installed it? cedar expands in the winter. With no space to let the snow and rain through you deck would not last long -- that's good to the contractor  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

gap size depends on when the boards are installed - dry or wet? Dry (thus expands in the rain) --1/4. Wet (shrinks in the dry summer) 1/8". Never tight together 'cause you need airflow b/w them to minimize rotting. Yes. they rot if installed unfinished .


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

The rule of thumb for any decking boards is to use a large nail between each row. This allows for space for the boards to shrink and expand in weather.


Answer by  scyllatwo (226)

The spacing of the deck boards does matter. You have to allow space for the rain or any type of moisture to drop through. Use whatever size nail used to attach the deck boards to the deck frame as your spacers. This will not only space them correctly and evenly, they can be easily removed after aniling down the boards.


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