Question by  Jessicah (18)

What is the best self defense to teach a girl going off to college?

My daughter will be leaving for college soon and I want to make sure she can protect herself.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

The best self defense to teach women is karate. Karate is designed so that one can easily strike an opponent, or an attacker once quickly and then get away.


Answer by  hitwonderful (102)

I'd suggest Karate, but that takes more time and, in case of women, more effort. So I'd go for Taekwondo. It is relatively easy as compared to the other forms of martial arts and women around the world happen to be more proficient at it than with Karate, Boxing or Kick Boxing.


Answer by  lamar36chambersgmailcom (9)

Make sure she learn her surroundings, living area, places to call for help. Learn about who is around her, and areas she would need to stay clear of, and most of all dont talk to straingers


Answer by  bahr94 (17)

When you daughter goes off the college make sure she knows some self defense. Give her some pepper spray and anything else she may need to protect her self.


Answer by  JSMcTilty (90)

If you're looking for self defense training, check out the website "." You can also check out tasers and/or pepper spray, depending on your state's laws.

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