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Question by  Kelly (22)

What is the best nail clipper for a labrador?

Most clippers I have been trying have not worked very well or given good results.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

You might want to try PediPaws. It grinds the nail instead of clipping it. I find it to be safe and easier.


Answer by  Wendi (67)

Their are many nail clippers available for dogs now a days. For bigger dogs I would stear clear of the guilloine clippers and go with a large, stainless steel clipper. It prevents the dogs nail from cracking down the side which could catch on things or even expose the quick. Good luck and I hoped this helped.


Answer by  cptamazing (18)

Dremel tools, cordless drills, or the PediPaws tool are the best ways to maintain your labrador's nails. These tools allow for a gradual removal of your pet's nails, which means that you can stop trimming BEFORE you hit a nerve! Also, these rotating sandpaper drums can create a smooth edge to protect your floors!


Answer by  ofnik (409)

The best from my experience is a hook like clippers, a more heavy duty one than the delicate ones. Can see exactly where the cut is going to be.


Answer by  valeriebenglish (15)

I think the best nail clipper would be the pedifile. This files their nails down without having to clip. This is more for maintenence though because it takes a long time to file long nails.


Answer by  SallysMom (5)

I really think you should give Pedi Paws a try. I ordered one on tv for my darling Sally (also a labrador) and it has worked wonders. I hope you have the same luck!


Answer by  shastie (1601)

PediPaws works good because its grinds the nail down, so its easier on the dog and you. Another suggestion would be to take him to the vet and let them do it, its usually pretty cheap.


Answer by  Fritz (608)

I would have to say that one recommended by a pet care specialist would be the best thing to use.

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