Question by  Alethea (20)

Where can I find clippers that will cut animals' hair to one inch in length?

I am interested in grooming my own dogs if I could get the right clippers.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

To find clippers for animals I would either go to a pet store or go to your nearest feed and supply store. They should have clippers there, they might be for different sizes but you should be able to change the length to go the size you are looking for.


Answer by  parrotman1 (20)

You can find clippers at any store in most cities and you can purchase a one inch hair guard that will prevent you from shaving all of the hair off.


Answer by  terireid (32)

My mother had two long hair dogs that she groomed herself. She bought a regular hair clipper by conair. The blades are adjustable and they come with different length attachment combs that range in length 1/4 inch to 7/8 inch. She also went to a beauty supply store and bought a 1 inch comb that fit the clipper.


Answer by  alex20 (31)

Target and Walmart will be your best bet. Clippers are usually in the grooming sections. Almost all clippers now have different attachments. These attachments are easy to use and you will defintely find one to cut hair for one inch. If you are looking for sturdy professional clippers, I would recommend checking online for business that specializes in animal grooming.


Answer by  Jermbubba (95)

try and big box retailer, like walmart or target. Use the normal human hair buzzer trimmers that have detachable guards that allow you to select the perfect length.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

We have a golden retriever and we use a standard pair of clippers to cut his hair. This will work fine but make sure you have a dog only set.

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