Question by  Roland27 (16334)

What is the best martial art for a 5 year old to learn?


Answer by  Fran67 (77)

A good tai kwon do studio stresses mind, body and spirit. Kids learn that they can have physical prowess without being aggressive. A good studio does not promote through belts at a fast pace and charge more for every level achieved.


Answer by  Anonymous

my 5 year old-really enjoying tae kwon do. we live in sydney but his instructor is female korean olympic referee. she also teaches kids about respect, listening skills, how to keep belongings neatly, etc. agree that key is finding right instructor for your kid. we found ours. Suh Hee!


Answer by  ovienewvce (25)

All traditional martial arts, such as karate, taekwondo, etc are excellent for children. There is no one art that is "better." The key is to find the best instructor, one who relates well with children and can serve as a positive role model


Answer by  sicckus (38)

Many martial arts will be suitable but personally i believe that Taekwondo is one of the best. i am a second dan instructor and i teach many kids around this age. The style and form it is taught helps with concentration, keeps them involved and also teaches many important lessons


Answer by  cyc (16)

The best martial art for a 5 year old to learn is American style Tae Kwon Do because, although many 5 year olds do not have sufficient attention span to learn katas, the beginning white belt self defense moves are useful to any person of any age who knows them.


Answer by  nimrod (321)

tae kwan do is the best, i've seen kids doing the classes and they enjoyit a lot and also learn a lot

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