Question by  brindhasenthilgmailcom (9)

What is the best exercise for losing weight?

I don't want to do any exercise unless I know it will work.


Answer by  Julia32 (17)

The best exercise for losing weight is cardio, like running, walking, biking, swimming. It's one of those exercises that gets your heart beating and your skin perspiring. To get the best out of cardio, you want to also build muscles by doing a weight routine. The more muscle, the easier to lose weight.


Answer by  wj (646)

Aerobic exercise such as running or swimming is the best for losing weight. Anything that gets you out of breath and sweaty! Try looking into workout DVDs, there's many available.


Answer by  carol (1241)

Any exercise or movement that you do will assist you in losing weight. Walking is a great exercise if you do it on a consistent basis. Any cardiovascular exercise is great for losing weight.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

The best exercise for losing weight is any type of cardio but in my experiences, the best route is through jogging. This will burn you the most amount of fat and calories.


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

Rope jumping is the best since it is convenient and easy to follow up. Note that you need to check what you eat. For good results eat less and work more.

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