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Question by  sarah64 (14)

What can I do about my hamster losing weight?

He keeps on losing weight but does not seem sick otherwise.


Answer by  dcbuis85 (267)

At eighteen months old your hamster should even out and maybe lose a small amount of weight. But, if he keeps losing weight check his teeth for overgrowth. If he's otherwise healthy try feeding him some high protein foods such as plain unsalted milk or cream cheese. If weight loss continues still, take him to a vet.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

The most likely thing causing this is a change of food. IF you have recently changed the type of food your hamster is eating change it back. Also make sure and supplement his diet with fresh foods. /he might be lacking in certain vitamins.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

You should go to the vet. If his exercise and eating habits haven't changed, something's wrong. If you just want it to gain, feed it more protein.


Answer by  Az (343)

It's probably best to call or visit your vet to determine the problem. It could be an underlying illness or infection that is causing this issue.


Answer by  JaenieF (153)

If your hamster is in good health, you can offer him sunflower seeds, other high fat foods. Keep in mind that rodents do store food for the winter as fat.


Answer by  Jeanne72 (436)

If your hamster is losing weight, he should not do any exercise such as the wheel. Basically, I suggest putting him into an isolated area and let him eat and drink most of the time.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

First, research into proper hamster diet and make sure that he is getting good quality food. The best thing to do for his health is to take him to a trained exotics vet (not an ordinary cat/dog vet) in case it is serious, e.g. teeth issues or a tumor.


Answer by  Nero (138)

It's ether that you have a wheel for him and he keeps running on it everyday or that your hamster is losing weight is because the food he ate is contaminated with salmonella bacteria. Always wash their plate & bring him to the vet for oral medicine.

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