Question by  midngihtn12 (11)

What is sepia photography?


Answer by  handyhelper (101)

Sepia photography is just a term referring to the coloration of the photos produced. It reflects the coloration of images before photographs were in full color. They often appear vintage when printed.


Answer by  LJR (121)

Photographs of the past often have a warm, brown, aged look to them which evokes memories. There are two ways you can achieve this with your own photos. Either use a photo editing software such as photoshop cs5, which has a sepia toning adjustment, or you can hand stain a photograph using weak tea.


Answer by  jcarellas (33)

Sepia photography is when a photo has a treatment that gives it warmer colors. Sepia photographs are great for archival purposes. There are chemicals that can convert the metallic silver on the photo into a sulfide compound, which can better resist environmental pollutants. Some cameras can take sepia photos, or you can use a photo editing program.


Answer by  James3474 (30)

Sepia toned photography is a method of making photographs with a sepia tone. Instead of black and white, the monochrome pictures have a warm brown tone. This remembers people of 'old' pictures and is therefore often used to make photo's look ancient, to trigger nostalgia or some moodyness. Today it's often a digital effect.

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