Question by  ksk (19)

What is pea gravel?


Answer by  luiim (22)

Pea gravel consists of small stones the size of peas. Smooth pea gravel is gathered from marine or river sources, and jagged stones are by-products from quarry blasting. Pea gravel is commonly found in landscaping projects. It is used as material to surface walkways, patios, and gardens, or to accent a lawn area.


Answer by  Mark (29)

Pea gravel is a term often used for small round stones that are similar in shape and size to a pea. This material is often used in landscaping as a drainage material when placed under sod. The stone will not absorb water and allows any water trapped in the sod to drain and dry the sod more rapidly.


Answer by  mitch (18)

Pea gravel is a type of loose rock that is about the size of peas. Its is commonly used as a commercial product for driveways, pathways and many concrete surfaces.


Answer by  JYas (68)

Pea gravel are very small stones or rocks that are about the size of peas. Hence the name. Generally, this type of gravel is more decorative than others. It is often used as a ground cover in small flower beds or flower pots. It may be avaialbale in several colors, most common is various shades of gray.

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