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Question by  NikkiG (20)

What is normal sinus rhythm with first degree block?

I have a first degree block and need to know what my normal sinus rhythm should be.


Answer by  Jessica78 (18)

First degree heart block is a basic term used to inform a physician that the PR interval on an ECG tracing is longer than typical. Patients with first degree heart block may still be considered in a normal sinus rhythm if the heart rate remains 60-100bpm, with normal P waves and QRS complexes.


Answer by  THardison (48)

First degree block causes the conduction velocity to slow and the P-R interval to increase to more than. 2 seconds in adults and. 18 seconds in children. The rhythm pattern is similar to the normal sinus rhythm except the P-R interval is prolonged.


Answer by  tobiano (33)

1st degree block means your heart's electrical circuit takes longer (milliseconds)than normal to transmit signal between the atria and the ventricles of the heart. It does not typically lead to more severe blocks and is not usually treated. The normal measurement is 120-200 milliseconds (ms). 1st degree block is greater than 200ms.


Answer by  Lu (78)

1st degree: block of electrical stimulation path of heart,slower pacemaker. ECG will determine your normal rhythm, see medical doctor.

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