Question by  bengals68 (1)

What should new skin look like after a 2nd degree burn?Will this new layer peel off, too?

The new skin looks very red and has little white bumps on it. Is this normal? Should I use Silvadene?


Answer by  60187guy (120)

What you described is normal. The new layer will not peel away. The 1st layer of skin will grow over that too. The white bumps are probably your skin pores.


Answer by  Ryan1987 (20)

The skin should be red and swelling. You should have pain and peeling skin. The skin should be white or slightly charred. You should not apply any ointments including Silvadene


Answer by  skinman (5)

A second degree burn will cause blistering and swelling. Oftentimes, the entire layer of skin will be removed as well. You should definitely use an ointment such as Silvadene.


Answer by  Umairpleasent (18)

It will get reddish or Pinkish You need to take care of the new layer or it will peel of if scratched better to see doctor then using Silvadene

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