Question by  Alexis (27)

What is normal retirement age for professional ballerinas?


Answer by  jennyv8 (133)

Ensemble dancers who never move beyond the corps de ballet typically retire in their late 20s or early 30s due to injury, marriage, or a lack of opportunities for advancement. Barring injury and illness, soloists and principle dancers also usually retire around 30 years of age, primarily due to the physical demands.


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

In my opinion, it should be around thirty since this career is strict on people's weight and shape.Who can always keep that slim in normal life?


Answer by  jackie (276)

Being a ballerina is a demanding profession. A 40-year-old ballerina is old, just as a 40-year-old professional football quarterback or baseball pitcher. Most ballerinas retire in their 30s. True, the greatest ballerinas may dance on years past that date -- but their skills decline with age, and they're living on their reputations.


Answer by  Anonymous


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