Question by  Josh (12)

What is a normal calorie intake for women?

How much should I be eating? Should it change with age/menopause/pregnancy/etc?


Answer by  Anonymous

I have tried VARIOUS sites & I asked my doctor. The sites all had daily requirements FAR lower (Unhealthy) than what I actually need to stay in good health. Talk to your doctor, ask what the intake should be to lose weight,& then what intake should be to maintain that weight


Answer by  philosophy (243)

it really depends on your exercise level and current weight/size. if you are really small and sedentary, then 1400 or 1500 is probably right, but if you are tall and very active, its probably well over 2000.


Answer by  Sammer (72)

A woman's calorie intake depends completely on her weight and BMI measurement (Body mass index). Every person will have different calorie needs. A woman in her thirties and a girl in her teens will not have the same needs, nor will a thirty year old woman and a pregnant thirty year old woman.


Answer by  hbmarsh (99)

Normal caloric intake is approximately 1800 calories per day. As you grow older, your metabolism slows down; therefore, you should eat fewer calories. Metabolism also slows during menopause, so caloric intake should decrease during that time. During pregnancy, a woman should increase caloric intake by about 300 calories per day.


Answer by  Jacq (23)

Most people are based on a 1500 calorie diet. However I've always been told you can add a zero on the end of your weight and that should be close. Asking your doctor is probably the best resource.


Answer by  Anonymous

I weigh 100k and am 5;5 tall, i am dress size 18, currently taking in around 1000 cal per day, in the last 5 wks i have lost 1stone , 9lbs, could i lower my calorie intake to lose more wieght. i have mobility probs so cant do much excercise.


Answer by  AnkurMohta (114)

The recommended daily calorie intake for a normal weight woman is 1940 calories a day. If you want to lose weight, consume less calories and burn more calories. The FDA reccommends that women intake between 1500 to 2000 calories a day. Less than 1500 calories will slow the metabolism.

Reply by onecrore (196):
that 1940 figure sounds reasonable, but only if the woman is relatively active. a woman with an office job, that does not exercise almost every day, will most likely need a few hundred calories less per day to maintain her weight.  add a comment

Answer by  jennyp (0)

What is a woman's recommended calorie intake during menopause both for someone reasonably active and someone sedentary


Answer by  Anonymous

how many calories should a woman have who does regular exercise?

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