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Question by  ricky34 (16)

What is maize starch and what is it for?

My son wants me to order some for nutrition but I've never heard of it.


Answer by  Jerich01 (111)

Maize or corn starch is just that, the complex carbohydrate found in corn. Often used by bodybuilders to restore glycogen after a workout, studies show this may be a myth.


Answer by  Dan3686 (969)

Maize starch comes from the crop maize. Starch provides the body with a alternative source of carbohydrates and energy. It wont disolve in water and to be honest doesnt provide too many nutritional benefits. It is good for thickening in cooking perhaps this is what your son wants it for.


Answer by  tcat (769)

Maize is a corn product. I know that they use it in the baking of certain breads, such as corn bread and corn tortillas and challupas.


Answer by  posti (99)

It is usually used to make liquids more solid in cooking or industrial food manufacturing. Maize Starch is a bit like flour.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

It is similiar to corn starch and it is used to make syrups and sweetner. Are you sure he is not referring to corn meal?

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