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Question by  Horses318 (16)

What is included in a Nintendo DS bundle?


Answer by  neek (30)

The standard Nintendo DS bundle contains one Nintendo DS console, one stylus, one power supply for recharging the battery, and the warranty and instruction manuals. Other bundles may contain a game.


Answer by  dda (164)

The Nintendo Ds Bundle comes with the DS and all its features (clock, calender, wi-fi), usually one game (Mario, Brain Age), extra stick, and sometimes a carrying case.


Answer by  rockdisc (209)

There are many Nintendo DS bundles. Typically you get the Nintendo DS with Stylus, the recharger cords and a game. The forth item varies greatly it can be a protector pouch, writes bands, headphones, game cartridges protectors.


Answer by  jrob8705hotmailcom (11)

It depends. There are many different bundles on the market. Typically, it would include the console, 1 or more games, and possibly accessories for the system. The accessories you might expect to see could be an extra stylus, an extra charger, a carrying case or accessories that are specific to certain games.


Answer by  dukeofspoot (30)

Walmart offers a DS bundle that includes the game set, a game of your choice, and an accessory pack of your choice for $149


Answer by  rotagamer (16)

In a Nintendo DS bundle is included the Nintendo DS system (on the color that you select) and the DS stylus (which is the pen that lets you use the system, navigate the menus, and play all your videogames without the need of using your fingers to touch the screens).

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