Question by  whitestang (20)

What is http error 12007?

This is the internet error message I keep getting.


Answer by  JRae (128)

It means your PC isn't converting the ip number into the server name. Go to RUN, type in: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt. The Run will flash and then reboot.

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great!!!it works ...thanks a lot..  add a comment

Answer by  abbylove99 (49)

A http error 12007 is a system problem that is caused by an unstable system reg. or corrupt files that require Windows to run properly. I used to have this problem, all I did was download RegCure and run it and it solved the problems. Good luck.


Answer by  Aral (184)

That's the error code for when your computer can't resolve the server name or address. This often means your computer can't contact the DNS that it uses.


Answer by  raze (78)

Http error 12007 refers to a firewall/security issues in Internet Explorer. It can be fixed by checking the Administrator Control Panel in windows. Another way to resolve such an issue is to go to the microsoft website and download the latest security updates. A quick visit to the microsoft website can show resolutions.


Answer by  Lane (67)

HTTP error 12007 is an error that occurs when your computer is unable to match the name of a website with its unique IP address. This can occur when your DNS settings are incorrect, or when your Internet Service Provider's DNS service is unavailable. Contact your ISP and ask them to help you troubleshoot your connection.


Answer by  AvrilBey (474)

Error 12007 seems to be an Microsoft Internet Explorer error having to do with issues or conflicts with a firewall. To resolve, it would be best to check your settings.


Answer by  DLB (13)

Disable all your firewalls, these could be interfering with your connection: Windows firewall: start > control pannel then turn it off. Also some anti-virus programmes have firewalls, it would help to turn these off too. If that doesn't work then go to start > run > sfc /scannow to fix the problem.

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