Question by  ghostieboo (12)

What is good decor with a white bath vanity?

I have a great vanity, and want to decorate my bathroom around it.


Answer by  missyl79 (87)

I would consider painting the walls a gray color and maybe having blue accessories like a blue shower curtain, bath mat, etc. If your mirror is frameless then I wouldn't touch it. But if the mirror isn't, paint it either a darker of lighter shade of gray, depending on the wall shade. That would be a nice more modern look.


Answer by  SheenaBoo (53)

Anything that looks antique and old fashioned would look nice with a white vanity. Things such as crome mirrors and hair brushes and old mirrors, pictures of flowers.


Answer by  bethanyseeley (130)

Shabby Chic (invented by Rachel Ashwell) would go really well. Use a lot of soft colors, and vintage textiles. Soft pinks, creams, greens and blues, roses and floral chitnz patterns.


Answer by  noosh (673)

White is a nice neutral background. Chose a favorite color and use it. Any color would look nice on the white vanity. As long as you have different items that are various heights and shapes a grouping of your favorite items in the color of your choice would work.

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