Question by  sharon63 (520)

What goes with iron bathroom decor?

I have iron bathroom decor, but I don't know what color to paint, or a theme for the shower curtain and towels, etc.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Use something like a vanilla or off yellow or off white color. The towels can be white or a cream color. Light colors can go well in a contrast with this.


Answer by  AlexW (407)

Iron decor has a traditional, rustic feel to it. It can be painted in a classic matte black finish, but cream with some rust effect can work well too. Shower curtains and towels should be bold, plain, with a rough look but a soft touch. Think French, or Maedieval.


Answer by  anyone (133)

Green shades look great and helps it pop. Using creams and rust for accents color will warm the room up. Themes are out so don't be matchy-matchy with accessories.


Answer by  Jilly (597)

Iron lends itself well to an old-fashioned theme. You could go with stark, clean white and accessorize with an apothecary theme. You could also play up ornate iron with a formal, even gothic theme. Iron is wonderful since it matches with everything, I especially enjoy iron paired with cream shades.


Answer by  Jackie055 (44)

Iron accents in the bathroom give a classy and formal look. I'd first select a shower curtain, maybe something silky with a subtle pattern in it. I can see tan, browns, and bronze being nice. Once you have a shower curtain, you can choose a coordinating color scheme.


Answer by  BlueButterfly (161)

Iron is neutral and works with all colors. Choose your favorite color for the walls. Complete the theme with patterned accessories that have a bit of "iron" color in them.

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