Question by  LarryH (35)

How do you stain wood chairs white?

My mom gave me some old wood chairs for my apartment, and I really want to make them my own and have them match the decor.


Answer by  AI (23)

First you should sand the chairs to remove any paint or rough patches. Then you should apply a base coat, and then at least two coats of white paint. I recommend Valspar. You'll need to seal the chairs before you use them, or else the paint will chip with use.


Answer by  justmesuzanne (625)

It's not possible to "stain" something white. If you want it white, you will want to paint it! If you mean you want to get down to the natural wood, strip it, but it probably won't come out very light if it's stained dark now.


Answer by  nating (37)

Don't stain them, paint them. If they are currently a dark color, you might need to remove the existing paint/stain first using stain or paint remover.


Answer by  bstaib (47)

First you would need to sand the wood to remove any existing stain. If the wood is lite enough for you, you are done. Otherwise try bleaching them.

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