Question by  maxine (26)

What is dry loop?


Answer by  worker2148 (144)

Dry loop is a phone line that does not have service. It is used for acquiring access to the internet and usually there is a fee that is accompanied with the users ISP address. Calls cannot be made from this line it is strictly for high-speed internet usage. Contact your phone company to utilize this feature.


Answer by  DrD (27)

A dry loop is a piece of electrical wiring that is in place, but not being used for electrical service. A dry loop does not have electrical current or electricity actually flowing over it. Telecommunications wiring can also be a dry loop if it is not being used to provide service.


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

In the past, telephone companies provided a "dry" wired connection between two designated points. Such circuits were most often used to control remote two-way radio equipment. Dry loops are no longer available though some grandfathered circuits may still be in use.


Answer by  Horatiu (14)

Dry loop is internet service not packaged with land-line telephone service for. DSL stands for digital subscriber line and is one of the high-speed internet services.


Answer by  JBear (184)

A dry loop is when you have a DSL line without a phone line. As many people and company are using only cell phones there is now a market for DSL without the hard phone line.


Answer by  T1 (36)

Dry loop it seems is a kind of wire that connects a modems to another modem. Such modems is like DSL.

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