Question by  MsRefusenik (3)

What is appropriate wedding attire for women?


Answer by  priyaragunath (36)

According to me i prefer the wedding dress to be a saree. This is because it is 100 percent religious. But according to other religion they might change it for eg, for christians they will wear a very long white gown with their head covered with white scarf tied to their hair.


Answer by  elaine (450)

The number one rule for women is to not wear white if the bride is doing the traditional thing. This is based in never out-shining the bride and so if she is NOT wearing white, you can wear it but you must consider the underlying principle in the color you do choose. Give her her day, OK?


Answer by  Anonymous

I'm painting my nails Joan Crawford red and wearing a classic black cocktail dress, pearls and heels to my stepdaughter's evening wedding in June. I'm taking 2 Xanax and secretly toting a flask of scotch, as well. Poor groom. I'll pray for him daily.


Answer by  totallykim (167)

Appropriate is defined by the event, is it casual or formal? If formal then a nice dress is fine. If informal take your cues from the location; on the beach or in a mountain chateau would have different dress requirements.

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