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Question by  Acjoe (22)

What is considered normal wear and tear on rental property?


Answer by  johnnybad (22)

Some normal wear and tear on rental property would be faded paint, holes in the walls due to hanging pictures and worn rug spots in high traffic areas. Outdoor exterier walls and the roof would also fall under this due to climate conditions.


Answer by  tracyt (65)

Normal wear and tear on a rental property may include several types of damage. This damage might be in the form of light staining on the carpets or scuffing or other flooring. Also, the walls may need to be repainted because of nail holes or scratches.


Answer by  crane3 (90)

Normal wear and tear is wear and tear that happens during normal everyday life. For instance if the hinges on a door get broken from being open and shut all the time. If the wear happened when someone was doing something not normal it is not normal wear and tear.


Answer by  Anonymous

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