Question by  wire (43)

What do car dealers consider normal wear and tear?

I am looking to trade in.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

Sun fading of the paint, stretched and worn upholstery (but not cracked, torn or otherwise damaged), key marks around the locks, miles on the engine, or scuffs here and there.


Answer by  MarkGress (479)

It is anything that does not need replacement. If it has excessive wear then that is a cost to them.


Answer by  jay34 (250)

Normal wear and tear mean like tires condition, wear on paint faded or not, condition of seats are they torn that makes a diffrence. Rust, crack in windows. The general upkeep of car. does window roll up if power, Dirty carpet. Things that won't be considered normal wear and tear are engine and transmition. The big ticket items.


Answer by  Danielle73 (12)

Wear and tear on the engine is 15,000 miles or less a month, plus scheduled maintenance. The outside and interior can have minor flaws.

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