Question by  Jeanne (29)

What is common treatment for a broken metacarpal?

I have a broken metacarpal.


Answer by  beautyofarose (76)

In lamens terms the metacarpal are bones in the middle of the hand starting at the level of the palm of the hand. The usual treatment for a broken metacarpal is a cast which is worn usually for 6 weeks. Surgery may be recommended depending on the severity and location of the fracture to the metacarpal.


Answer by  leilalee (67)

Depending on which metacarpal and the severity of the break your doctor may choose to cast your hand with a hard cast or with a soft cast. The hand should be immobilized somehow. Most commonly, for less complex breaks you will wear a soft cast for about 8 weeks.


Answer by  LadyMaverick (19)

Metacarpals are the bones in the palm of your hand--there is one for each finger. Standard treatment for a fracture would be to place the affected hand in a cast for approximately 6 weeks and then perform motion exercises to alleviate any stiffness. In rare cases, surgery may be needed.


Answer by  Amy78 (30)

A broken hand usually requires treatment with a cast that will be worn for approximately 6-8 weeks. After this, you will need to do some hand stretching exercises.

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