Question by  worker7090 (15)

What is causing these bumps on my dog's head?

I noticed them about 5 days ago.


Answer by  amanda5618 (48)

Most commonly lumps on a dogs head are either cysts, or fatty deposits. Neither of which are harmful, but both can be removed with surgery. Although in the cases of fatty deposits and cysts, most owners don't choose surgery. You should see your vet to be sure.


Answer by  km8738 (1917)

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, it could have stuck its head into part of the ground where grubs are present. Sometimes they burrow into animal skulls.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Two of the most common causes of lumps are abcesses or contact allergies. In case of abcesses the vet will surgically open them. If an allergy, vet can treat these.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

You haven't given enough information- is there itching, loss of hair, etc? Is this an injury that is swelling, or the start of infection or mange? I advise you see your vet.


Answer by  KaylaMarie (6)

They are probably being caused from a flea allergy or ticks. First search your dog for any possible fleas or ticks. If you find fleas you can purchase a flea treatment through a local store. If you find ticks, do not try to remove them. See your vet.


Answer by  JoJackson (177)

They could be anything from tumours to an allergic reaction to flea bites. It would be best to get them checked out by a vet.


Answer by  MikeDogLover (14)

It might be the fact that the dog might have a tic or that they might have been bitten by something and the dog is just scratching it and it's progressively getting bigger and bigger. Also it might be that the dog is allergic to something make sure your not giving him anything new such as a new shampoo.


Answer by  angelsdozens (218)

There could be a million reasons for bumps on a dog's head. Fleas, allergic reaction, wasp or bee stings, or even tumors. Call your vet when in doubt.


Answer by  hugoballin (72)

This can be cause by a couple different things. One being the biggest and most obvious is ticks. They burrow themselves in between the skin which can cause a lump. Another could be flea bites or mange. You should have a vet check to be sure.

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