Question by  sharon (12)

What is avocado extract used for in cosmetics and beauty products?

I see it on labels.


Answer by  KingKoz (40)

The avocado tree, from Central and South America, was brought to California during the 19th century and comes in an assortment of sizes and shapes. Cosmetic companies and herbalists use the oil extracts from the fruit in many health and beauty products to prevent dry hair and scalp.


Answer by  LexiP (722)

Avocado extract is used to improve the softness and radiance of the skin (thus explaining its use in facial masks) and helps prevent dry hair and scalp.


Answer by  darthjdavis (284)

They take an avacoda and pull the essential oils out of it. This can be done by extreme pressure in a controlled environment. The oils are then compaounded and separated. This is the extract.


Answer by  beck (1099)

Avocado extract, especially the oils of the avocado, are great moisturizers. This should be found in higher quality, natural style beauty products and lotions. These lotions and products can prevent dry skin and improve scalp health, thus preventing dandruff, a form of dry flaking skin. If used on the face it can promote softer, healthier skin.

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