Question by  deepak123 (17)

Does Mary Kay cosmetics do animal testing on their products?

I will not use any product that has been tested on animals.


Answer by  Lynn82 (237)

No, Mary Kay does not test its cosmetics on animals. Like many other companies, Mary Kay has adopted the "Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals" as its non-animal testing policy.

posted by Anonymous
my understanding is that they have to test their products on animals if they want to sell them in China- and that they are doing business in China-the almighty dollar wins again!  add a comment

Answer by  Teacherspet (111)

Mary Kay cosmetics are not tested on animals. The personal skin care and cosmetics company ended all animal product testing in 1989.


Answer by  bdbolin (167)

According to PETA, and their own website, Mary Kay Cosmetics is committed to cruelty free testing procedures that do not use animals. They stopped all animal testing in the late 1980's.

posted by Anonymous
Actually PETA does have Mary Kay listed as a company that either tests their products on animals or has an outside agency do it.  add a comment

Answer by  Patrick11 (20)

The Mary Kay cosmetic company does not test their products on animals. The company founder and owner Mary Kay Ash revolutionized the industry when she chose to end the animal testing. Although the company has used live animals for testing, Mary Kay has banned the use by signing the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals aggreenment in 1989.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You can tell if a product is tested on animals by looking at the labels. It will say "doesn't test on animals". If there is nothing then they test.

posted by Anonymous
If it says, "this product not tested on animals" it still uses ingredients that are tested on animals. What companies put on their label does not guarantee it or it's ingredients have not been tested on animals.  add a comment
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Like A well known bath & body place - says "This finished product not tested on animals" yet from A-Y animals are tortured. >:{  add a comment

Answer by  LK34286 (12)

Mary Kay cosmetics does not do animal testing on their products, nor do they request others to do so on their behalf. In fact, they have signed a pledge to never test their products on animals.


Answer by  Katv (1)

I don't trust most of the garbage put out by PETA


Answer by  Anonymous

Mary Kay never used to test on animals, but unfortunately since at least 2012 they started paying for poisoning tests on animals because of their market in China. If you want cruelty-free cosmetics, avoid them!

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