Question by  Anonymous

what is an ozoniser?


Answer by  LucianX (37)

An Ozonizer is a device that creates ozone, a form of oxygen, to kill and/or filter out contaminants, such as bacteria, fungi and many viruses.


Answer by  deshpandev65yahoocom (149)

Ozonizer is a purifier which uses ozone to kill bacteria and filter contaminants. Ozonoiser creates ozone by charging the air with a burst of high negative voltage to produces ionized forms of molecules other than ozone.


Answer by  joyce (19)

An ozoniser is a form of air and water cleanser which uses naturally occurring trace gases to exterminate microorganisms and filter a wide range of pollutants. Ozone is present in nature, mostly above the sea levels. It helps repel ultraviolet emission. Ozone is highly toxic to humans and other living things hence if below the atmosphere it can be risky.


Answer by  Sarah (39)

An ionizer is a device that imparts air or water with a negative electrical charge by freeing electrons into it. These free electrons are negatively charged ions that are believed to have health benifits.


Answer by  mpelle (343)

It's a water purifier that kills bacteria and bugs that enter into it, thus eliminating bacteria in your home or office


Answer by  vazrakar (12)

To convert oxygen to ozone we use ozoniser, It acts as an purifier which is used to kill bacteria present in air and water.

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