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Question by  Brian67 (39)

How do you treat a queen palm tree that has a fungi?

I would like to make sure my queen palm survives the fungi and the treatment to get rid of the fungi.


Answer by  Grag (452)

Get a fungicidal spray which you can spray on to the fungi and it will not harm the tree. I would go to a speciallty place for the best way to kill thefungi


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Spray fungicidal spray around the infected bark or down around the main cluster of fungus. Keep this up and if it doesn't go away then you may want to remove the infected bark and dig down below the ground for the main fungus root.


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

You'll need to spray anti fungi treatment around the trunk of the tree. Spray one gallon of treatment each week for 2 months.


Answer by  worker5534 (518)

Identify the spicese of fungi that belongs to which Genus. Bourdeax mixture is a common fungicide used for this type of fungi diseases caused in the queen palm tree. Other fungicides are there spray the fungicides on the leaves of the palm tree. Allow it in the direct sunlight. Cut the diseased portion.

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