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Question by  suresh25 (6)

Does bleach kill the parvo virus?

I am afraid that I came in contact with the parvo virus, I have small children and would like to clean my house to protect them.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Common household bleach is very effective against virtually all viruses. The parvo virus, which affects dogs, can be easily avoided if any areas exposed to or suspected to have been exposed to the virus are washed down with at least 2% bleach. Once the area has been washed down, allow it to dry completely.


Answer by  Shelley34 (82)

Animal parvo virus is not really a danger to humans. Bleach will do the trick for your piece of mind in regards to the children. And if you have other dogs this is something you need to do to protect your pets.


Answer by  Riley (765)

Yes bleach does kill the parvo virus however their should be prior cleaning of the surface with a detergent before using the bleach.

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