Question by  Scott11 (16)

What is an insulated concrete block?

I am reading instructions on how to build a shed in the back yard and it requires an insulated concrete block.


Answer by  infocar (16)

They are Legos for real structures. The blocks are filled with a polystyrene mixture. They are considered one of the stongest, innovative and green foundations you can use. Easy to put in they go up fast and with less lumber than traditional foundations. they are concidered energy efficent construction and qualify you for goverment leed points.


Answer by  cb60 (36)

It is a hollow polystyrene form that is reinforced with steel rebar and filled with concrete to provide maximum insulation and strength.


Answer by  rajbharat (141)

Insulated concrete blocks are the easiest method to be trained and to build. Insulated concrete forms are expanded polystyrene panels which are easily snap to create walls of thickness, from 4' on up in 2' increments.


Answer by  KETKI (2)

Iron bars are insulated with cement to make them last for long lasting of construction , which are very much in use for construction

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