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Question by  trodgers (20)

What can you tell me about my concrete peeling?

I need help with my concrete it is peeling.


Answer by  Jerry35 (56)

The paint on your concrete may be peeling because the concrete itself was not prepared properly. The best thing to do for this is strip the paint from the concrete and start over. Prepare the concrete by acid etching it and then reprime and repaint the concrete so the new paint will hold.


Answer by  lwolves2001 (26)

The peeling could be due to a bad mix of concrete or frost (freezing and thawing) can cause this. If this concrete is outside the freezing and thawing is probably what happened and now there is what is called stress cracks. Soultion would be to have it removed and repoured.


Answer by  mfernandez (36)

One cause of peeling may be improper working of the concrete. The installer may have overworked the surface. Also ice-melt can contribute to peeling in colder climates.


Answer by  turkinforalivin (1279)

This typically happens around the foundation of many homes. It is caused by moisture getting trapped within the pores of the concrete and cause chipping as it evaporates.

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